Virtual Card on Apple Pay

Not sure if this has been discussed, but with festival season and things reopening I have set money aside in pots for different festivals and events, it would be ideal if we could attach a virtual card to a pot and then also add the virtual card to apple pay, so when at a festival I can pay with Apple Pay using the virtual card and the money come from the dedicated pot, eliminating the potential of overspending and breaking into money I didn’t set aside for it.

I’m sure this could be applied to a whole load of other things, such as putting money in a pot and having a virtual card pay subscriptions from it etc which has been highly requested already.

There is a whole lot of work going on with Pots that is coming soon, but it’s months rather than weeks.

As for virtual card on ApplePay, it’s been mentioned a few times and apparently it’s needs an extra regulatory step, not seen it mentioned for a while though. I’m sure Revolut do it, so it’s technically possible.


I think that’s direct payments from Pots. In theory, there’s nothing stopping Monzo from offering Google Pay for a virtual card - if the money comes out of your main account. Indeed, I’ve hooked mine to Curve and it works like that…

The big thing is the payment from Pots though. Looks like that’s on the way - so hopefully virtual cards hooked to Pots will be next! :crossed_fingers:


Wise certainly offer this facility.

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