Virtual card numbers are burried way to deep

Virtual cards are great, but unless I’m missing something, whenever I want to use one I have to tap 4 times to get into the virtual card section and reveal the details, pretty bad UX for something I do fairly frequently.


Replicated to find the below process:

Tap Virtual cards
Tap card
Tap show details
Tap Copy details/card number

Does seem a little long winded though could just add to Apple/Google pay for simplicity?

Is there any specific reason you do it frequently but can’t save the details on said websites, or is it multiple new sites that don’t have that option?

A lot of people would not want to do so on every website they buy semi-regularly from, lots of websites have shoddy encryption and/or security practices.

So based on what Carlo has said above, how many taps do you think it should be?

Virtual Cards is on the front, you need to tap it to get into it - Can’t remove this step
Tap Card - You need to do this if you have multiple - Can’t remove this step

On iOS I don’t need to tap to show card details, authorise, then copy. There’s a little copy icon to the right and then as I press it, I get the Face ID prompt.

Seems quite seamless to me.

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Apple/Google pay is only available if the website supports it, saving doesn’t work for new websites, and browser auto-fill can be unreliable.

If only Monzo could provide a handy wallet–sized thing which has your card details printed on it, and which you could carry around with you, eh :no_mouth:

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An easy win would remove the need to tap to expand the list of virtual cards.

Better would have a direct link to the virtual card list from the main screen.

Dream scenario would allow my to ‘favourite’ virtual cards and have them appear on the main screen as the real card/pots do.

That’s already there?

Where? do tell?

I only have one active card so don’t know about expanding the list, but once I tap here, the next press is the card, then copying the details


That’s not what I’d call the ‘main screen’ I have to tap my profile icon to get to the screen you’ve screenshotted.

I guess I’m referring to the landing screen?

Password managers are your friend. I’ve got my normal cards stored within BitWarden.

That’s gonna be a quicker way than hoping Monzo rejig the way you get to the cards.


You can swipe down instead on the card too.

The app will open where you left it if you don’t force close, which I guess reduces my step vs yours.


I save my card details securely directly in iOS, rather than on websites.

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Yes - me too for the exact reason mentioned by the OP.

Getting to the virtual card is easy enough, two clicks.

Having to click the card number and CVC to get them separately is a little difficult (four taps in total) so that could I guess be improved. But it’s really not that difficult.

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