Temporary Card Numbers for online transactions


The ability to generate a temporary card number to use just once when shopping online. This would help prevent fraud.

(Ghost) #2

Definitely agree.

I know they were looking at it previously, but I’d happily pay extra for this if need be. It’d be useful for trials etc too.

(Harry) #3

There are services that provide this but for Monzo to offer it directly lets them continue to be the best.

(Colin Robinson) #4

Isn’t this what Apple Pay does? It just passes the token.


Yes but I’m talking about use on websites not apps. When it comes to eCommerce Apple Pay is not supported on most websites and you have to enter your card number.

(Ghost) #6

I use this on Revolut, in fact that’s the only reason why I use Revolut lol.

Bringing it to Monzo would be awesome, just virtual cards which link to our main account, that way we can close/open them as we please.