Virgin Money Discussion & Feedback

Thought i’d get the ball rolling with this given the news article that was published today giving more insight into what the new Virgin Money Current Account is going to look like.

Key points I’ve been able to take away from this ;

  • Live spending data (alerts and live notifications)
  • Spending placed into categories
  • Timeline of transactions
  • ‘Sweep’ feature ; when your balance is running low, money is moved over from your other accounts automatically to stop any fees/charges
  • Customer services heavily through the app ; Live Chat and Secure messaging although also supported by a branch network
  • Virgin loyalty rewards

I must say, the whole proposition does certainly, on paper, seem really interesting and can’t wait to see how it pans out when it launches in December!


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Slightly strange to be launching its first digital current account while announcing ground breaking Virgin Money stores. Not sure what’s ground breaking about a bank in a building


I never really understood what the B stores were trying to be.
The whole ‘we’re a bank’, but then implimenting a coffee shop and creative media space too!

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I’ll be staying very far away from any business with the word “Virgin” in its name. They’ve sought to leverage brand recognition to attract customers, but far from evoking quality, after my experiences with Virgin Media, that brand evokes only incompetence, frustration, and unwillingness to take responsibility.

I dread to think what their banking will be like.

:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


I’ve had a B account sat not doing much for quite a while, so I’m looking forward to the transition. The B app includes cheque imaging (handy, I guess) but it’s far from innovative.

The rebranding will be an improvement (however it pans out) as the current B offering is pretty dire.

In any event, it’s another (mainly) mobile offering to enter the space. So welcome to the party - let’s see what you’ve got…

I believe what you will effectively see is an improved version of the CYB ‘B’ account, rebranded and relaunched under the Virgin Money brand.

As for the new stores… they will compliment the existing Virgin Money lounge network - these aren’t branches and are effectively a small perk for existing product holders who can go in and use the facilities suck as free coffee, meeting spaces and access to iPads for banking etc. These are not branches - there are no banking facilities in them. A lot of local charities use the spaces in them for meetings as well.

Virgin Media are just NTL / Telewest who pay to use the Virgin brand by the way.


It’s irritating, on reflection, that I had to go into the Birmingham “branch” to complete the B account opening process.

I shan’t be troubling them again. I’ll assume everything will just come to me…:blush:

To make it worse (or in reality better) virgin money has nothing to do with virgin media or any of the other virgin brands as it’s now owned by Clydesdale. Why they decided to go with the virgin brand I’m not sure.

Nor does Virgin Atlantic, which I was skeptical about but it turned out to be rather delightful on my transatlantic journey… Still won’t touch Virgin Media with a stick though…

Thank you for letting me know. I’m afraid the very name and logo would still make me shudder. That any company would want to associate itself in any way with the Virgin brand is beyond me - though I used to be a big fan in my younger days.

21 phone calls to date to get Virgin Media to correctly apply the tariff they offered me - and still not sure if there’s any end in sight

I’m very interested to see how this will work out.

A digital account with all the bells and whistles of Monzo/Starling/N26 but with a substantial branch network and all banking services already in place (international payments etc).

What’s not to like, really?

Launch date is Wednesday :slightly_smiling_face:

Where was this? Is there any further info to go with the announcement?

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I’m kind of worried that only men seem to hang around outside virgin stores. Maybe they are confused about it’s purpose


Isn’t that somewhat of a sexist joke?


I can’t see how it would be

The joke implies the men are hanging outside of Virgin stores expecting virgins or whatever, you said ‘only men’ and not women.

Now you can see how it’s sexist.

Ah. Now I see how you interpreted it.

Why haven’t they put any women on the street looking at it? There are 4 men, 2 just seem to be looking at the front door like it’s a new and mysterious thing