Virgin Media account still shows as Active

I had a SIM Only with Virgin Media and ported my account to Tesco Mobile in circa August 2020. My balance was paid by Direct Debit and I received my final bill dated 16 September 2020. There was a credit on my account which was paid to me and the balance on the final bill showed as zero. Despite this the Virgin Account appears on Equifax as being active. I spoke to Virgin which I believe was an offshore call centre and they said they’d close it off. Despite this the account still shows as Active. I have contacted Equifax and Clearscore who I access my report through and they both keep passing the buck and now blame Virgin. Equifax had appended to my account a Notice of Correction and then a Notice of Dispute both which seemed to be worded as being detrimental to my creditworthiness however my credit score has not been affected. I can’t contact Virgin as my online account is closed. How can I get this active account removed?

Does this bother you for any particular reason?

The account was closed as it was ported therefore it shouldn’t show as active. I can’t access the account and I don’t want to. For that reason I’d expect it to disappear or show as closed.

Have you raised a formal complaint with Virgin Media?
I did this and got the exec complaints team ringing me to resolve. They were UK based and higher trained.
This could possibly help?

Writing may also yield better results:
Virgin Media, Sunderland, SR43 4AA


Yeah that was same as me.

I complained on Twitter for a few days straight and like on the 3rd day they asked for my number and email then pretty much moments later I got a email and my grandmothers issue was resolved(but took them a good 2 weeks((maybe due to covid)

The email they was using was:

Maybe that’ll give you some luck


Why does this matter?

Is it not a good thing?

If it remains this way it has the potential to be your longest standing account which will improve your score.

Search online for the CEOs email and then just drop them an email. You’ll get through to someone who actually knows what to do and will get it sorted.