View total scheduled payments from a pot for the next month

As a personal banking user
I want to view the scheduled payments from a pot for the next month
So that I can allocate the correct amount of my salary as soon as I receive it

I get paid on the last business day of each month (*or a day earlier!). I have all of my direct debits assigned to a bills pot. When I get paid, I’d like to assign the correct amount to my bills pot, in time for the 1st of the next month (the day in which the majority of the payments are taken). Currently, the app only tells me how much remains to be paid for the current month only. In addition, I’d like to see the total scheduled payments for the next month, so I can assign the exact amount without manual calculation.

This is possible.

You need to set your summary reset date just after your last direct debit out of your account so it knows how much to predict the following month and it’ll tell you in advance.

To reach this, head to your main account, tap the pie icon top right, tap “this period” to bring down some bits of information, then tap change on the start date.

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