View salary sorter - current selection

If you can’t use something then that makes it useless. It might be usefull to someone else fair enough but…

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That was my point. I’m glad you read all my post :grin:

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People just keep saying “it’s useless” which isn’t constructive at all. If they expect Monzo to fix it and make it work for them, then people need to give some more detail.

There has only been one person that has explained a good usecase as to why is editing so far in advance a necessity and how they vision it would fit in with the app. Not really a lot to go off if you were in Monzos shoes.

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Yeh if you’re referring to the third user story from the OP:

Then yeh, that isn’t a great idea. I had presumed since they said “choice” (singular) it was just the previous sort they were referring to. If not, you can easily see this on your transaction feed anyway as all money movements would have occurred at the same time for you to review historically. The remaining points are good ideas.