View Other Account balances

Can’t see if this has been suggested before…

We can connect some credit cards into our Monzo app to view their balances, when will we be able to do that for bank accounts? I can currently do this with one of my other bank accounts in their app, and it would be v.handy to add in, for example, my Marcus account to see how my savings are doing.

Is it on a roadmap anywhere?

Have you tried Yolt in the meantime? I’ve only just started using it myself due to switching spend to Amex but it nicely pulls spending/savings across them all inc Marcus. I have:


Not only see balances at a glance it does the categories like Monzo with payday/budgeting but using all your accounts.

I’ve tried Emma too but it’s too much going on. :exploding_head:

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Not looking for budgetting, but if I was I’d give Yolt a try.

I mentioned this somewhere a few days back…

Even on true layers website it says they support a number of banks current accounts as well as their credit cards. It seems only monzo are only supporting the credit card aspect.

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They are. That’s all they’ve offered for the moment but once that stabilises, I believe they’re open to expanding into other accounts.


How do you do this may I ask?

EDIT Found it in the help section in app. Doesn’t support my CC anyway

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