See your credit card balance in Monzo

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We want to give you more visibility of all your money, so we’re working on helping you see your American Express balance in your Monzo app. This can help you better keep track of how much you’ve spent, and how much you can pay off every month.

We’ve started with American Express as it’s the most popular credit card among Monzo users, but once we launch we’ll work on adding others. We’ll start by letting you see your balance, and we’ll find out what other information you’d find useful and work on adding that too.

Stay tuned for updates!


(lewis oconnor) #2

when will this be released?


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(Kevyn) #4

Why do we need a new thread for unreleased products? Don’t we have a current thread about the Amex integration? It misleads people into thinking the features have been released.



Because “See your American Express balance in Monzo” in now in Making Monzo and so it should have a topic in the Making Monzo section of the forum.


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So all unreleased products/features should have a Making Monzo thread before they are released? Do they have to be official ones from Monzo, or can we all just create our own?

OK, let’s get to it then, so so many topics to create!! :joy:


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You mean :soon:


  • Transactions
  • Bill details/due date
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A pot to hold the balance of the card until pay date!


  • Once a product/feature has been added to the Making Monzo section of the Monzo app, it should have its own Making Monzo thread so people can easily find progress updates.

  • I think only Monzo staff members can create topics in the Making Monzo section of the Community forum.

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(Charlie Kelly) #11

Ah yes, apologies. :soon:

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Amex isn’t currently working with Emma:

Given that Monzo is (I think) using the same integration provider, could this kill the project before it’s been launched? (I hope not).



I can’t see this being any more than an inadvertent temporary glitch.

American Express have registered to provide 3rd party open banking services as a a PISP so would be quite hypocritical of them to purposefully block AISPs and PISPs from accessing Amex accounts.


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I don’t see why they cant make a post when its actually out on Monzo labs…

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(Chris Rimell) #15

This has been discussed before. You might not agree, but it’s what Monzo have been doing for a while now. It’s logical


(Dan V) #16

I’ve never had an Amex and, from my understanding of them, they’re not accepted in as many places as Visa/MC and have high fees. Is this still the case? If so, I’m curious as to why this was chosen as the most popular?

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It’s the most used credit card by monzo users.

You’re right about Amex acceptance issues, though they’re not as bad as they used to be. The attraction of Amex is the rewards cards (I suspect cashback is most popular, with others collecting air miles).

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(Danny) #18

Yes! This would be great. I’m trying to shift from my CC spending (which I do to get points on bigger purchases) being from next month’s pay to this months pay, because the way it is currently can make it a bit too easy to go ‘oh it’s only another £x’ whereas I’ve got used to looking at my Monzo balance before I spend on the more day-to-day things like lunches.

Some kind of automatic sweep every night would be ideal.

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(Chris Bigg) #19


Hope this comes to labs asap


(Sam) #20

If you’re on Android, you can set up IFTTT applets to check for Amex notifications, add the transaction value to a new line in a Google Sheet, then transfer that amount into a Monzo pot. I use it and it works really well!