Victim of a Fraud

Hi community, I’ve been a victim of fraud. I’m distraught and the scammers got away with £5000. I never thought it would happen to me. They posed as HMRC and said I had committed tax evasion. It was so convincing from their gov website, their number, their records. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

My question is what is the success rate of getting money back? Has anyone had any luck with Monzo?

You should potentially be able to get that money back via monzo. It’s a case by case basis so it doesn’t really matter about other people’s success.

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Coincidentally I heard this on the news this lunch

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It would depend if Monzo can accept liability. This would be on Monzo deciding if your possibly ignored any warnings. They will at least indemnify the funds back from the recipient bank. Sometimes partial funds can recovered.

Answer to the first question is, no one here knows.

People have had luck. It’ll be important to convince Monzo that you took steps to convince yourself that it wasn’t a scam. I don’t know the details, but any websites seemed genuine because… the phone number checked out etc

Make sure you tell Monzo everything that happened - who said what etc.

Good luck. There’s no guarantee of success, and it might take a while, but there’s always hope.