International Payments - saved payees & recurring transfers

The International payments functionality is seriously lacking.

  1. If I want to make an one-off payment - I can’t save the payee’s details. This needs to be improved so I can save international bank account numbers as well.
  2. For recurring international payments: There is no (or little) point of having a recurring payment of sending somebody £100 every month as they will be receiving a different amount. You need the option to send for example €100 and every month the equivalent in £ will be deducted.
    For example if you pay rent in another country in EUR they expect the same EUR amount every month not an approximate figure. If you feel there are recurring cases to send £ instead - please give us both options.

ya, right.

Thank you so much for sharing such a useful information. I will definitely share this with others.

Is the recurring international payment facility ( even in basic form) available on Monzo/ TransferWise now? It wasn’t till recently and do have been loooking to open account with moneycorp only for that.

Definitely agree with point 1!

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