Verification that i have a account with monzo for credit


Sorry but I did try to search this but the place is flooded with people trying to open a monzo account. I having a problem getting my account verified for loan and another service that needs to be able to check bank account is mine and real. Credit check was fine for the loan as I been accepted but they just don’t like my bank account.

Is there anything I can do to make it work? I was buzzing getting my new account but sucks if it stops me from credit when I need it. The other service would be fine with a bank card with details of account number on but monzo don’t do that, Or a check book but im guess we cant get them to?

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Who is the loan with and the other account?

No, there are no cheque books


What’s wrong with a bank statement with your name and address on it? Monzo can send you a physical one with a stamp on it if you ask in their ni-app chat, if I remember correctly.


The loan is a bad one % wise but I can grow it if i get it, Lendable. I also trade BTC, so tried to get verified at so that i can sell my coins safely. Lendable support did say it’s most likely to do with the way monzo shares the data. I just hate the fact that I accepted but cant get it due to bank.

That would most likely work for the other serve I mentioned as they would of been happy seeing a bank card with the info on. The credit company you got no chance. Thanks for the info :wink:

That site doesn’t look very trustworthy :grimacing:

What don’t they like? Monzo are an official registered bank so there is no reason for them to reject it. Have you explained this to them?

Be very careful buying and selling crypto as it seems be a huge issue with accounts getting closed and blocked for every uk bank

Sounds like Lendable haven’t updated their bank list or they don’t get records from Transunion (the company Monzo use for credit reporting). Ask them if they check credit records with them. If they do then you can contact in app chat to see if it’s an acceptance issue Monzo can chase

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What one? Lendable i found via noodle now called creditkarma, so should be reputable, just a poor rate. Not boring it for that long anyway. been fetured all over the place, including BBC, as a safe place to buy and sell BTC, I been using them for many years.

You’ve got to admit bitbargain have got a terrible website tho :grin:

Amazing, you have given me hope. I would of tried else where but I liked the fact they only do a soft search. I’m planing to run the money via a company so will change to business at some point just wanted a exit in case. I think trading crypto is fine as long as your paying your taxs, many a company on there I’ve bought of. I be doing proper research before selling it anyway, as I want to do it legally. If i can’t do it here legally i’ll be move :wink:

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Now that i can accept lol, they never change since the launched


Another thing to check is that the credit report companies and monzo have the same address for you. Since you are already using whatever noddle are called now that’s an easy one to check. You can check your reports with the others for free. If your postal address is even slightly different it can mean the companies simply can’t find you

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I already had the info you said, they mentioned TransUnion in the talks with each other. Don’t think there support is that good, as he did think the address is not the problem. I asked about address as there is a problem with it on monzo, it was missing the town and had the city in twice. I have changed it now,any idea on when it will update?

If you’ve updated it in the app (and it’s showing as updated) then that will be reported to the credit report agency next time they request it (pretty sure it’s end of the month with monzo but been a while since I checked my reports)

It’s hard to figure out what the issue is without Lendable saying exactly what’s going on. Could be that their computer systems have very unhelpful error messages :woman_shrugging:

There not the best, they only get a small amount of entry points. nothing on how long I had bank account or how long i been at address. Seems odd how little they asked and approved. Might just try a more normal company, get a better rate maybe, but i plan to pay it back in months not years so did really care other than getting the money. Thanks for all your help :smile:

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