Vapes and Vaping

(Simmy) #1

Anybody else into Vaping ?
I quit smoking 2 years ago thankfully because of vaporisers.


I own one but never really clicked with it , so ended up quitting smoking instead ha!

(Emma (still not the app)) #3

Tried it but ended up getting about 40 times more nicotine as it’s too easy to loose track of how much you’ve had

Prefer nicotine lozenges

(lewis oconnor) #4

On the Optimus by totally wicked, can’t go back to using pens now

(Scott) #5

So I’ve been off the fags for 9 months, before I was smoking just shy of 20 per day so was very costly, being a nurse in the NHS also doesn’t set a good example smelling of smoke so I made the switch.

Started mouth to lung, now currently sub ohming direct to lung - much more flavours and varieties.

What’s everyone vaping currently? My Setup is:

Preco tank at 40 watts and liquid is Carnival Roll Upz berry lemonade :yum:

(Simmy) #6

Wismec Gen 3 + TFV12 prince
iJoy Captain + TFV12 King
eleaf ikuu + Cleito EXO

(daniel lee) #7

Is there any significant difference between an e-cig and vaporizer? Seems like I can vape dry herbs only using a herbal vaporizer , but e-cig usually go with some doses of tobacco. I never smoked and had no nicotine addiction, but many friends of mine got rid of the habit precisely due to vaping.