Vapes and Vaping

Anybody else into Vaping ?
I quit smoking 2 years ago thankfully because of vaporisers.

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I own one but never really clicked with it , so ended up quitting smoking instead ha!


Tried it but ended up getting about 40 times more nicotine as it’s too easy to loose track of how much you’ve had

Prefer nicotine lozenges


On the Optimus by totally wicked, can’t go back to using pens now

So I’ve been off the fags for 9 months, before I was smoking just shy of 20 per day so was very costly, being a nurse in the NHS also doesn’t set a good example smelling of smoke so I made the switch.

Started mouth to lung, now currently sub ohming direct to lung - much more flavours and varieties.

What’s everyone vaping currently? My Setup is:

Preco tank at 40 watts and liquid is Carnival Roll Upz berry lemonade :yum:

Wismec Gen 3 + TFV12 prince
iJoy Captain + TFV12 King
eleaf ikuu + Cleito EXO