Juul launch new app-connected vape in the UK


Apparently the thinking is that not only can you visualize your data (how many puffs you take etc) but the app will require you to verify your age before it “unlocks” the hardware, meaning it might curb teen vaping usage, which is something Juul have come under fire for.

Interesting that they launch it here first, given that Juul seems to be more popular in the US than here.

Anyone here have a Juul? Is this a good idea?

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I think its a good idea if it were linked to the health aspects…

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I’m very ignorant of vapes, so this might sound like a stupid comment… but if someone underage wanted to vape, wouldn’t they just get another brand, or one which hasn’t got an app with proof of age?!

Yeah, I can imagine the app saying something like “More than X amount of puffs per day increases your risk of cancer by Y%” etc. That’d be good.

You’d think.

But what’s happening in the US is that Juul have basically shorn up the market. They’ve developed “cool factor” especially amongst teens, and other brands are seen as sub-par. They’ve been very smart with the marketing in that sense.

Sadly I doubt it will say that unfortunately, I reckon its just a marketing gimmick to get round the legislation of Vapes.

I wonder why Juul wants your data?

Oh yeah, it must be for your $$$.

Should say you have saved x amount of money by not smoking cigarettes

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