Menthol ban, will it affect you?

I heard the gov are banning menthol cigarettes soon. Will this affect any of you ? I’m into vaping so it won’t affect me

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nope gave up smoking 30 years ago

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I’ve seen that Streling have launched their ‘New Dual’ cigarettes that aren’t actually menthol but use a thicker filter to make the smoke smoother or something. I don’t smoke anymore but I haven’t heard great reviews about them.

Will this apply to menthol filters too?

Nope. Stupidly it only applies to cigarettes.

I quit nearly a year ago now. Feel a lot better for it. Never swapped with vaping as I didn’t see the point.

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You know you’re spending too much time here when you read that as “Starling have launched…” and you wonder what Anne’s up to with menthol cigarettes.


I did the same. Had to look again a few times to recognise it wasn’t a spelling error!


But glad to have stopped smerking 18 years ago now. What a waste… Addiction…


Doesn’t go far enough for me - no idea why tobacco hasn’t been outright banned already. Nobody has ever been able to give me a reasonable argument.

Personally I think there’s an interesting debate to be had on why assisted suicide is illegal but you can still freely buy tobacco in every shop in the land…

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Something something nanny state

It should be. And I say that as a smoker. I quit for a few weeks and then go back in them again for a week and repeat

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I enjoy the odd cigarette from time to time. Pack every month or 2.

I’m not effected as my go to was B&H blue but it’s honestly just depressing.

First plain packaging then this.

The new sterling dual are wrapped in tobacco to get around the regulations, this also allows them to be sold in non plain packs and in 10 decks.

Most people my age that smoke, smoke menthol or smoke rollies so i’m guessing they will just use menthol filters.

Money. Almost £10 billion a year.

I’m not saying I agree or disagree either way.

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Nope, quit exactly 7 months ago today and have never felt better (or had so much cash!)

I quit a few times in the past, last time was 2 years ago and I stayed off them for 6 months but got back onto them by smoking menthols. I couldn’t stand the taste of a normal fag but the menthols were smooth and easier to smoke. I have a few friends who did the same and now they’re all on menthols still and looking for a way to add a touch of mint to their fags - my suggestion that they take this opportunity to quit was seen as “a quitter’s approach” and they saiy they’re cleverer than that lol

I gave up smoking about two years ago, so it won’t affet me. But I don’t understand why the gov is going to ban exactly menthol cigarettes, there exist many othe flavours.

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