Vanquis Historical Direct Debit

Got a random letter from Vanquis today about a historical account. The account in question was closed in 2018, I’m not sure what these additional charges would have been at the time :eyes:

I’m not going to say no to a bit more free money though :joy: cheque incoming.


Enjoy what you get of Vanquis, with their interest rates if you didn’t pay off in full each month you’re more than owed it. I remember when I had a vanquis card they upgraded me to a gold card after few months, it meant nothing more than a new card being posted out. I remember a real hassle trying to close account in the end, stayed open for months.

I got the same thing. I actually forgot about the card from my university days. £14.34 but oddly have to await a cheque.

Oh… :grimacing:

The cheque arrived today, just scanned it in. I’ll enjoy that additional wealth.

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