Using Plus to add account not in my name

Hey there, apologies if this has been asked before.

Trying to get around the dreaded “bad Plus on joint account” problem, would it be possible to pay for Plus on my personal account, and then add my wife’s bank account as a “connected account” or whatever so I could help manage it?

Don’t want to put all our bills and spending money into the same joint account, and this was the only way I could think to do it and stay on Monzo.

If not I’m guessing the best way is to open a joint account with another bank, and treat that as a bills one and keep Monzo as an everyday spend type affair.

Would appreciate any help,


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I’m not sure you’d be able to allow access to wife’s open banking via plus.

Why don’t you want it all by joint account to simplify?

From an outsider it looks a bit invasive when it could all be transparent.

Some would also view as coercive behaviour :eyes:

I can see yours but you can’t see mine kinda thing.


This is the much better idea. But if you’re happy to do that, then why not have a Monzo joint account?

Or do you want a joint account for spending and a joint account for bills?

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Open banking does not work like that. The intention is that one is the account owner. If you do something with her money she doesn’t want, she will have no recourse as she willing gave away account control to someone else.

I.e. this is the same as all the frauds & scams that are going on. “Login here, ignore warning here, give me the code that was just texted to your phone, ignore that it says ‘do not share it with anyone’, etc”.

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I might be over simplifying this or completely misunderstanding, but if that’s the case - don’t?

Keep your joint account for shared bills then you both have view/control and use your personal accounts for personal expenses which you each view/control.

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Reading the post this is the only way I can think it would work in Monzo.

You have a joint account for bills and separate day to day spends (which sounds like you have already)

But there’s no joint budgeting which is the feature it sounds like you’re really after.