Using Monzo on a cruise ship

Has anyone had any problems using their Monzo on ships?
Just want to make sure this is ok. Seen it’s ok on Carribean island but not seen anything on ships

I’ve never seen anyone with issues using it on cruise ships on here. They generally charge in USD/Euro so, as always, pay in the local (USD/Euro) currency to get the MasterCard exchange rate.


Thank you so much most helpful!

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I’d recommend you enable magstripe before seeking to make the transactions.

I’ve previously attempted to use my card on airlines in Southeast Asia, and some of them process transactions using magstripe. For some reason, even though this wasn’t an ATM withdrawal, the only way this would work on some of them is if “Magstrip ATMs” was enabled.

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It’s always best to have a backup card for emergencies,

Acceptance will depend on the company running the ship , but this user said theirs worked fine on Royal Carribbean cruises, but that could have changed.

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I used my Monzo card with no problems on TUI Marella cruises :+1:

My (very limited) understanding is that there is an offline (i.e. no internet access) transactions limit of £30. So might be worth having a back up card?

Yes no problem on Royal Caribbean ships with no limit that I’m aware of. We spent over £500 on our last cruise with Monzo but it’s worth taking a backup card as always as when we went to some places, they didn’t accept Mastercard only Visa.

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Thank you for your response. What is a mag stripe?

Thank you for your response.

Thank you!

Use the app Help facility to search in the app for Taking out cash abroad with Magstripe, and you’ll find all the answers you need.

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