Monzo on a Cruise

Def check with them. If you are using the prepaid card, it looks like you might well have a problem. See the Fred Olsen website on this. In particular their statement:
“Unfortunately our systems don’t allow us to take Maestro, Solo, Electron or … pre-paid currency cards”

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yes not sure it is a pre paid “currency card” though :slight_smile:

Tony’s post says he is talking about the pre paid card. Isn’t that treated as a currency card by the system?

Looks like a NO then. At least I will be able to use it ashore. ( If there’s anywhere left after these Hurricanes)


I don’t know , but the cruise line would be able to tell him which is why I posted a link in my answer with the contact number :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Looked at the link that’s why I said it’s a NO

Yep. Agreed, best to ask them. It looks like they have some kind of on board card though, which is activated at the start and settled at the end (using a debit or credit card).

Anyway, have a great holiday. The sun will SHINE!

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If the company still says no to Monzo, then maybe it would be best to try Starling, they work like Monzo but have working bank accounts with debit cards.

It is hard for me to recommend someone but Monzo, however this is a one-off case

Ps- they use the MasterCard rate too like Monzo!

Will have to take my Santander Current Account Card to pay the final bill. :persevere:

Oh, hang on! Just reread your original Q and see you are going in 3 months time. If you already have a Monzo prepaid card, you should have a proper Monzo CA by then, so hopefully no problem.

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You should use Starling, unlike Monzo (for the time being), Starling is a fully fledged bank with sort code / account number which should meet the criteria this cruise company is looking for :slight_smile:

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Most cruises already provide (very expensive) Wi-Fi to the hardware is there, and I’m sure the staff themselves are using it somewhat. Processing card transactions requires very little bandwidth (so little it can be done over a legacy modem connection, not even over IP) it makes no sense to me not to take advantage of it…

Will struggle to leave Santander 123. I get a lot of money back for paying my bills by Direct Debit from my 123

Santander for your bills, Monzo CA for your holidays, maybe?

Will see how it goes

In the event they already have wifi, then it’s certainly a no-brainer — I was talking about using online card payments as the basis for connecting a cruise ship :passenger_ship:

Of course, you’ll get merchants on-board complaining about how long payments take to process, and then all of a sudden someone has decided that terminals should be offline again :roll_eyes:

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With Hurricane “Irma” destroying everything the whole money thing looks academic now.
Should think the next thing will be Fred Olsen cancelling the Cruise

I used my Monzo prepaid onboard with Royal Caribbean and it was fine, no transaction fees either as everything onboard was in USD! You may be able to change the card at guest services once onboard.

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Sorry this reply is a bit late, and current events may have overtaken slightly. Tourism is hugely important to the Caribbean economy though, so I would hope that at worst you would have a modified itinerary rather than a cancelled cruise.

From the Fred Olsen website:

What money will I need to have on board?

We'll give you an on board cruise card when you check-in for your cruise holiday. Just present your debit or credit card and sign a receipt - and keep a copy for your reference. You can use your cruise card to pay for any of the services on board you might like to use, except foreign currency exchange or playing at our Gaming Tables. Anything you pay for will be automatically charged to your account and debited from your card when you leave the cruise. You can keep up to date and check your balance at any time.

We accept most credit cards - Diners Club, Eurocard, Mastercard and Visa. (Currently, we regret we are unable to accept American Express cards.) All credit card payments have a 1.5% surcharge, but we also accept debit cards with no surcharge.

The Monzo Current Account card should work - maybe not right now while it is still being tested and some places haven’t updated their databases yet, but three months down the line? Should be fine.

You’ll also find, probably, that when you’re on board it’s much easier to use your room key - or ‘on board cruise card’ as Fred Olsen call it - to charge any and all on board purchases, so unless you’re using the Monzo card to settle up it’s kind of a moot question.

The same question about most other cruise lines can certainly be answered by checking their websites. There’s no need for uninformed theorising about their wifi capability and what kind of satellite internet they may have on board. I can’t think of a single major line that doesn’t have any kind of internet connection at all, and that’s been the case for a good number of years.

Source: Have cruised with a Monzo card several times, used the card on shore and never needed to even try using it on board as I always used the cruise card instead. Ship enviroments encourage that as it’s much easier to leave your cabin with just one single card rather than a whole wallet full of them.

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