Monzo in St. Lucia πŸ‡±πŸ‡¨ / Trinidad & Tobago πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ή


Hi. Im planning to travel to St.Lucia and Trinidad in a few months and was wondering if anyone has used their monzo card there and/or experienced any problems i.e ATM’s etc.


(chris) #2

Im off to St Lucia in a few days. Looks like there’s no Monzo use out there so ill be going blind, but will update the forum my experience

(Yohance Jordan) #3

Monzo in Barbados - 2. Someone responded to my post regarding Barbados. Basically saying it should be fine. How have you got on?

(Daimya Moses) #4

Hi just wondering did u have any issues using the monzo card in st Lucia?


No dramas except in settings you have to turn on magstripe ATMs as not all ATMs are chip and pin.

(Charlotte Sinclair) #6

Hi, I am currently in St Lucia. I have enabled magtripe use but was still unable to draw cash from an ATM. Were you able to when you were here??

Any advice much appreciated!


Remember the magstripe setting only lasts for 24 hours.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #8

maybe also you are not a verified user, in which case you cannot use ATMs outside UK, or reached your spending limits regarding ATM withdrawals - look in app at card , settings , spending limits at the top of the screen under limits will tell you your verification level , and or the amount left available for withdrawal :slight_smile:

(Charlotte Sinclair) #9

MONZO UPDATE: The cards won’t work at the Bank of St Lucia ATMs, but will work at the 1st National Bank St Lucia which are dotted everywhere so long as you turn on MagStripe.
I have a few friends out here with both debit cards and other types of prepaid travel card who are unable to withdraw, so Monzo has saved the day!!

(Amanda Minett) #10

Used my Monzo card in Tobago with no problems at all - at restaurants, shopping anywhere with mastercard as well as ATM. Excellent exchange rate. In one small cafe I was showing them how the app worked as I paid and they were so impressed that it came up as a payment as the receipt was being printed ! I had many comments about how nice the colour of card was as well as a few people immediately recognising it saying wow you got a Monzo card !! also it was great to carrying on using the sterling when i returned home. Thank you Monzo !