Using Monzo in Korea

Hi, I know a few people have asked this question but I haven’t seen any posts about it recently. I’m going to South Korea in June for a couple of weeks and I just wanted to check that I can use my monzo card over there? I’ve seen posts from a few years ago saying they don’t work but some of the more recent posts say they do so I just wanted to double check. Thanks!


Just seen the post re South Korea and if the card works there, the reply said it doesn’t work with the magstripe with Citibank and IBK ATM’s… Are you saying it doesn’t work with just those two which provide an ATM or retailers that bank with those two? TIA.x

Can’t comment on Monzo but used Revolut in Seoul for 7 days, probably in 40 plus card terminals and 3 atms and had no issues at all.

Often the card just goes in and is taken out, no chip and pin or contactless.

Can’t see a reason for Monzo having trouble either, but that’s the most help I can be!