Can you use a Monzo card in South Korea?:KR:

I wonder if you can use Monzo Card in South Korea.

Yes, it will work fine. There are no charges for spending, always pay in won though not in pounds.

Cash withdrawals may not work - when they do you can take 200 out every 30 days before you’re charged 3%. Just make sure the ATM has the MasterCard logo and it should be fine.

I’ve activated Monzo Card on Apple Pay. Will it work in Korea?

Yes, it will work fine at most places.

Why can’t I get Apple Pay working?

I don’t understand a single thing written on these photos but judging by the little icons it’s because those shops don’t take MasterCard…

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They need to support Mastercard, those places only take Visa JCB and Unionpay. Keep an eye out for the Mastercard logo - in those places it should be fine.

Monzo is a fairly ‘new’ card (in comparison to bigger banks in the UK) and so may not always function there as well as others might.

The location where the MasterCard logo is attached also does not work. The computer says the information failed to recognize the card.

Then I think you’re out of luck - seems it’s not going to work well for you.

It’s likely due to out of date card databases, Monzo still doesn’t work for me at my local small Co-op so getting it to work in South Korea is pushing it a bit. Does it not work when you insert the card?

I left my card at home and tried Apple Pay, but the complete text appears on the Apple Pay screen, but the card payment is not working.
It’s the same if you go to every store.
The last picture shows an error code of 0Q, which means “0Q: It’s not a deal denied.”

Try Revolut- they have visa.

Revolut Visa? Isn’t that a master card?

I think they have Visa options as well- I have Revolut Mastercard but my friend was handed a Visa card during one of their events. It might be worth checking this thread, as I faced the same issue when I was in South Korea (Monzo in South Korea 🇰🇷 [Discussion]). I think Rika mentioned here that it was an issue with the chip positioning, but that should be resolved in the recent batch of cards.

Newly issued standard cards are all Visas - premium options are MasterCard.

South Korea don’t accet Apple Pay as they have Samsung pay (an obivous competitor of Apple). As an advantage of Samsung’s home country, they do not accept Apple pay nationally. Normal payment without going through Apply phone must be working.