Using Monzo everywhere: improving merchant acceptance


Ahhh OK - So in this hypothetical situation where Mr X makes a £20.00 purchase on EasyJet (with a Monzo Pre Paid card with a Zero balance) - Monzo would pay EasyJet, and then seek to recover the money from Mr X?

What is the reason so many myths about “merchants not receiving the money” exist (appreciate it might be multiple factors) - In this hypothetical, would Monzo pay the merchant in the exact same time frame as someone who had the balance to cover the transaction?

Or would there be a delay due to the balance being zero (with no overdraft obviously), and Monzo attempting to recover the money?

Thanks for your insight though - Genuinely interesting stuff!

(Rika Raybould) #145

We would pay Mastercard in bulk for all transactions on all of our cards in that cycle, who would pay the acquirers, who would split the money to EasyJet in your example. We don’t have a choice to not pay it (but could attempt a chargeback at a later date if the transaction was fraudulent).

Yes, the actual money is settled with Mastercard independently of us debiting the appropriate accounts. :+1:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #146

So basically no matter what everyone gets paid regardless of the situation and it will remain that way until a chargeback has been done which will only be clawed back once it has been proven?

(Ben Talbot) #147

What’re your methods?

(Leon) #148

I guess that would be telling! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Allie) #149

Interesting one, Bristol Zoo’s website doesn’t support Monzo if you select ‘Master Card [SIC] Debit’, but works fine if you just select ‘Master Card’ [SIC].


This Easyjet issue… maybe Monzo should place an advert in the inflight magazine… im sure this would help them accept the cards…


Thanks for clarifying batch payments Rita.

Could someone please explain or properly investigate why airlines believe our beloved coral plastic is not trustworthy? Surely it’s slander and causing you financial loss because them refusing to accept it prevents us from making Monzo our main bank and just take advantage of the overseas perks which is not good in the long run.


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What like Transferwise?

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I reckon they would have their own version of the Convincer. :joy:


Sorry my autocorrect changed your name Rika

(Adam Prescott) #159

Tried using my card at the self-service Fuel at Asda and it was declined:

(Jack) #160

Did you manage to complete fueling? Maybe just the authorization someone declined but the payment for the full amount will be processed at a later date during presentment?

(Adam Prescott) #161

I had to do it via my RBS account instead.

(Jack) #162

Strange, It may be worth speaking to in app support to find out the actual reason as the app doesn’t say.

If you do speak to them and you’re happy to share I’d love to know the reason :slight_smile:

(Simmy) #163

Monzo does not work inside the Barclays branches, probably the same for every non-barclay debit/credit card