Secret Pots

(Tom) #1

Hello Fellow Monzo’ers

I’m very new to Monzo but absolutely love it! I’m someone that very much likes to utilise pots for micro-managing finances however, I wondered if it would be possible to add an option to make a pot ‘secret’ per se so that the pot amount would not show on your balance. As I’m currently building a pot to buy something rather special for the Mrs, I thought this would come in very handy especially when trying to show her round the app as I gave her my Golden Ticket.

However, I’m not sure how this would sit from a legal/statutory perspective with all the financial regulations but would definitely appreciate others thoughts on the idea!

Look forward to hearing from you all,


(Herp Derp) #2

Or you could show the app then make the pot?

(Micky) #3

Can’t you just name the pot “boring work stuff”? that has always been my go to

(Tom) #4

Hey Guys,

Appreciate the feedback/opinions.

Danny, I could show them the app but then I would have to keep throwing the money back & forth each time I show people (as I’m trying to promote Monzo to as many people as possible as I believe it’s fantastic!).

Mike, I could name it ‘boring work stuff’ but if the amount is a rather large sum, would you believe it was intended for boring work stuff?

All the best & thanks,


Name it “Mortgage” then the fact it is a large sum will not look odd :wink:

(Tom) #6

We’re missing the point entirely here, I’m wondering if others would value the idea of obscuring what a pot contains from your balance and what it contains. Not potential workarounds…

(Naji Esiri) #7

Hey @T0MM91

I’m not sure if i misunderstand your suggestion?

The total amount in each Pot is only viewable from your Card screen, once money is in there, it’s ringfenced and so shouldn’t show up in your balance.

Depending how frequently you add to or take out of the pot - it’s existence will stay relatively hidden from your feed! The only screen to avoid when showing your partner is the’Card’ screen, and even then, you’d need to scroll down :slightly_smiling_face:

(Tom) #8

Hi Naji,

Thanks for the comment.

On the account tab (using iOS) it has my name at the top, with the account details just underneath then an ‘Add money’ option with the Balance to the right of it which is inclusive of the pot amounts. I’m wondering whether we could add an option to make pot secret to not include that on the balance and also when then moving over the pot you choose whether to show the amount or not.


You could also just “secretly” sign up for another account with a competitor (Starling?) and make a bank transfer every now and then (Incidentally I do have a “secret” bank account that I use for gifts to my wife).

However, you didn’t ask for workarounds, so more to the point, and its general usefulness:

I think It’s genuinely quite difficult to make a “pot” completely hidden, isn’t it? You would either have to show the pot transfers in the main feed (which would be a give away to anyone who opens the app), or hide “secret pot transfers”, in which case the totals wouldn’t add up (I’m aware that the main feed doesn’t list running totals, but at least my Mrs would notice a missing £100 really quickly…) and/or the Pulse graph wouldn’t work.

(Tom) #10

Hi Nanos,

Completely agree, not trying to infringe on other aspects of the app such as the pulse chart or transfer/payment feed. Just thinking from looking at a pot and if the pot was activated as ‘secret’ then it wouldn’t show on the balance on the ‘Account’ tab.