Using a pot to automatically take fund from when in USA

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to take funds from a certain pot automatically when in a foreign country?

As an example if I have a pot called Florida, when I am in the USA and using my Monzo card is there a way to automatically deduct money from the Florida pot and not my main account?

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You can do it with IFTTT for spends in a different country/currency.

I think it will take it from your main account first though, so you’ll need more in there as it goes like this;

Disney £100
Current account -£100
Florida Pot into current account +£100

It happens only a fraction of a second later but it is afterwards.


I think this would be really good built in functionality!


Keith give the above applet a go in IFTTT, it will move any spending against a US registered merchant back into your main balance from a pot.

As @Revels said, you’ll need the value of the transaction in your main balance but the value of the transaction will be withdrawn from your “Florida” pot shortly after. One other thing to consider is that the value of a transaction not in GBP can change slightly after a few days but the withdrawal will happen based on the value when you first make the transaction so there will be some variance.


Thank you - that’s great. I will give it a go. Take care.

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