IFTTT Foreign Currency Pot?


I’m travelling to New York in a few weeks for a short break. I’ve just started using the IFTTT integration and so far it’s been pretty useful. The one that withdraws cash from a pot whenever it recognises a travel purchase has been great for budgeting around my commuting costs on the tube… Kind of like pre-paying an oyster card but more flexible.

Anyway, I’ve just seen the trigger that says “If I spend in a foreign currency, withdraw the amount in Pounds from a pot”. This sounds awesome for when I go away to try and keep a track on my spending. Sort of feels like a digital version of taking an amount of cash out as holiday spending money, like back in the olden days.

Question though: What will happen if the pot that I assign to it empties before I notice and spend over the limit? Will it refuse the transaction or will it just start taking money straight out of my account instead?

IFTTT fires after you make a transaction, so you will always be taking money out of your account, the only difference is that your balance is not “reimbursed” from a pot should that pot run out of money.

Oh cool, perfect thanks for clarifying!

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