Move money from pot when in X country?

I’m currently in the US and put money into a pot beforehand… I’d like transactions made while here to come from this pot or move the amount spent in the main account from the pot after the fact.

Any ideas on how I can implement this?

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I don’t know that you can at the moment. Monzo natively has nothing to help and the public interface of IFTTT can’t handle something that complex (if you actually need it to check currency or country).

About all I can think of is an IFTTT rule that moves the value of every card transaction out of a pot that you’d have to manually enable/disable when you wanted it to be active.

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I used IFTTT for this - I created a pot and instructed money to be taken from it from it whenever I spend in a foreign currency - this worked well on holiday this year. I couldn’t find a way to narrow it down to a particular country though. And obviously the transfer from the pot comes after you have paid for something so you do need to have a buffer in your account.

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There’s apparently a Monzo pre-authored applet for this:


I just want to say that this IFTTT applet worked really well.
I put a sum of money into a pot for my US spending, then every time I made a transaction while there, the same amount would move from this pot to my current account. One of my favourite uses of Monzo to date.

Brilliant idea. Gonna use it next month in Belgium. I really rate this IFTTT thing. Looking forward to more triggers / ingredients.

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