'User under age'

(James Robert Toomey) #1

I applied for the card a month or so ago it is now ready for me. However, when I add my date of birth into the app to proceed it tells me ‘user is under age’. Considering I am 18 I found this quite fustrating and have tried a few things to rectify it but I have had no success. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

(Simon B) #2

Hi James! Are you able to access the in-app chat? If so, send your photo ID through there and we can change it.

(James Robert Toomey) #3

Hey! I’m not able to get onto the in app chat, is there another way I could send my photo ID through?


(Hugh Wells) #4

Sure, email us at help@monzo.com and I can look into this now for you :slight_smile: