✅ 16-17 year old account

Hi - my son turned 16 today and has been patiently waiting to be able to open a Monzo account. When he tries to sign in on the app, when he enters his date of birth it won’t let him proceed to the next screen (the next button is greyed out) If he enters a date of birth that would mean him being 18 then he can proceed to the next screen, but obviously he can’t provide a false date of birth.

Many thanks

Monzo may not class him as 16 until this day is over.

If he makes his birthday yesterday, what happens?

Still doesn’t work unfortunately, but thank you for the suggestion. The earliest date he can enter to make it work is 2002 (which would make him 18)

It’s been a long while since I saw the pages to join, but does it give you the option of a different account or anything before you get to the DOB stage?

No, the only two options on the first screen is ‘log in’ or ‘sign up’

Works for me on Android, is this an iPhone he’s using to sign up? If not what app version is it?

Did you manage to solve this. I am having the same issue. Only when the birth date makes my son 18 is the next button clickable. The step before this was to enter an email address. Is some check done on the email address maybe, seems odd if so. We are trying this on an iPhone

Heya @Leonr / @jules :wave:

No good to hear about the bother! :pensive:

We’ve just tested this out and been able to start a signup as a 16 year old :tada:

Could you both check the region that’s set on the phone? :uk:/:us:

There’s a chance that the phone’s region is set to US which would mean the days & months are swapped - resulting in no way to proceed :no_good_man:


Hi. I had a look and region / time zone / language etc all looks ok. Set to London / UK.

As a work around we started the sign up process on an android device and then finished on the iPhone and all looks ok now but is odd it didn’t work to start with.
I’ll take a closer look at the iPhone settings to make sure though.

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HI Leon, we’re still struggling here and like you are trying on an iPhone. Will have a look at the settings, but not sure that’s the issue. Will report back

@Leonr 's suggestion to start the process on an Android phone and finish on the iPhone worked! The region was already set to UK, so it can’t be that, but there’s obviously something with the iPhone that prevents you from opening a 16-17 account. Perhaps requires a fix from Monzo?

Thanks for everyone’s help, I now have a happy 16 year old eagerly awaiting his card. :grinning:

@jules Glad you got it sorted out too. Pretty sure it’s not a date format issue as it only worked when trying 16/12/2002 as birthdate.(18 years old) If it was US format a month of 16 would have been invalid and all settings looked ok

Case for changing that screen to have three fields for date?

Would hate for others to be silently ducking out at that stage when it does not work

I’m not sure that is the issue. As @Leonr points out, it was the inputted year that was preventing progress. Only when 2002 was inputted (to make them 18) did it work. Doesn’t explain why December 2004 doesn’t work on an iPhone, but does on an Android though. All very strange

same issue here. Son turned 16 on Monday, tried signing him up last night using iPhone… system would only allow moving to next if year changed to 2002. Phone region is UK.
We don’t have an android device in the house, so any other suggestions? Have messaged live chat from my own account.

I wonder if there’s any sort of setting associated with that Apple ID/App Store.

Are you trying on your own (older adult) device/app store etc?

Was trying on my son’s iPhone. He’s listed on iCloud as a child family member… hmm, might try from my own device.

version 3.63.1 app update has fixed this.


Wow that was a quick turnaround fixing this bug!! Well done Monzo!

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