Use budgets in IFTTT

I really like the IFTTT integration and I’m using it for the savings challenges but I’d like to create an applet where I can move money when I buy something in a certain Monzo category. For example, rather than creating separate applets to move money to a pot if I visit McDonalds, KFC, Buger king etc. I’d like to just tell IFTTT to move money to a pot if I spend something that is in the “eating out” category.

I know you can use categories when putting attachments to a transaction but could the option be added to move money with any card purchases in a category?

In case you’re interested in the other way around, so moving from a pot to your main account on spending on eating out, you can use this:

Monzo need to give IFTTT some love, they released it and it was awesome but it soon got boring and not actually that useful. Would be great for them to add some more triggers like “spent in this category” and “income from xxx” or “income over £x”