IFTTT Category Specific Applet


I am trying to make a new applet on IFTTT similar to the one below but for the ‘Bills’ category.

However, I cannot find anyway to specify the category with the two services this applet is using.

Has the functionality been removed? If so, will it be coming back? I find this feature super useful for managing monthly finances without needing to worry too much about moving money between pots day to day.



Hey mate

I’m currently at work, I created this and I’ll send the code over to you when I’m home :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thank you for this and the other applets. :slight_smile:


Give me a PM

Not sure you can PM on here?

I think you need to be a higher level. Jamie is a level 2 as shown by the number on his avatar.

Any chance you could PM me how you did this (I’m not at a higher enough level to send PMs?. I’m looking to do the same for the Holidays category. That would be amazing. Cheers

Would it be possible to send me the code on how to do this too? I am interested in this for Holidays and Family. Would be a great help, thanks!!