[USA] Credit Card / Debit Card Scanner not working

When trying to load money into my Monzo account (first time setup after registering my card), the “Scan Card” modal displayed and the borders around my card were recognized in yellow, but it never completed scanning. I had to input my card details by hand to move load funds from my card.

Note: the picture below is blurry because it was hard to take a screenshot at the same time as it recognized all sides of the card, but I promise it never scanned the card :slight_smile:

Details to reproduce:
OS: iOS 14.3
Device: iPhone 11
App Version: 3.66.0

!! USA Beta Account & App !!

(Not sure if this is relevant, but this occurred after setting up my account for the first time – same app launch where I input my new Debt card number).

  1. Select “Add Money” -> “Card” -> [Some Amount] -> Photo icon to scan a card
  2. Focus on Card

Expected Result:

  1. Once card data is read, the modal is dismissed

Actual Result:

  1. Just sat at this screen, never filled in or scanned my card information.