Scanning card on payment

Would be great if people paying you through would be able to scan their card to automatically key in the card number and expiry date fields, like this: (there are loads of other sites that do it, but I can’t see to find any off the top of my head…).

Most of my friends find it quicker to open their bank app and transfer me money than paying through monzo me since that’s faster than them having to key in all these details. This could potentially switch them over to using monzo me.

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Sending via bank transfer is cheaper than processing a debit card payment through for Monzo. However, it would be great to be able to scan a card to auto fill the details :heart_eyes:

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When you set-up apple pay all you have to do is scan the card you want to use via camera, so it is possible it just comes down to if Monzo want to implement it

Services that do this are usually based in apps, not websites right? I’m not sure it’s possible to do this through a browser yet.

You can also do this on an iMac webcam through Safari, so the technology is there.

Don’t think so, I’ve used it on websites before through iPhone’s safari, can’t remember where though.

Local cinema website does the card scanning

If you use HTML 5 autocomplete then chrome, safari etc should pick it up and offer to scan the card