IOS ‘scan credit card’ recognises incorrect characters

When I use the ‘scan credit card’ feature in ios the characters in my name don’t detect correctly. This is using a premium Monzo card and worked fine using my old card. For example confuses a G for a C or IM for N . Seems quite fundamental testing…

Scan on what? Another website? Can’t really blame them for that.

I’ve a number of cards that won’t scan with camera as they long number and other information isn’t where that website is expecting to see them on the card.

Or am I mistaken and you mean sometime to do with the Monzo app.

If this is an app/feature outside of Monzo then they have no control over this. You’ll need to message the creators of it to suggest improvements.

I’m with the OP on this – iPhones reading a card number by camera is a pretty basic function these days, and if Monzo cards don’t scan well that’s a bit of a flaw.


Disagree. Well established iOS functionality that streamlines and improves the user experience of inputting card details. It works just fine with the standard cards, just not the new platinum ones. I feel it could be to do with the character spacing.

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You’re entitled to disagree :grin: I just don’t think your proposed solution is as simple (or cost effective) as you’re making it out to be.

You’re the only person to mention this too so perhaps your card has a one-off print error where the edges of the text are not clearly defined?

Aren’t the numbers/letters/font/kerning of a required standard anyway?

It’s a native feature in iOS when it detects a credit card field on a payment page.

It looks to be the same method that Google and Apple pay use to add your card to your digital wallet which oddly work just fine :thinking:

Are you sure it’s not just a misprinted card?

Yep just providing the feedback because it results in a frustrating user experience for me

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You’d expect it to be standard. I’ll have a play about with some of my cards which have dets printed on the back.


Is your camera’s lense clean?

I’ve never had an unembossed card’s numbers picked up in one of those automatic scanners, regardless of bank.

I presumed there’s just a lag in the software adapting to the different type of cards?

Both my Child’s & Co. (unembossed, long number on obverse) and new–style TSB (unembossed, long number on reverse) cards have scanned into my Apple Wallet first time.