US + UK accounts

I just noticed that holding a US and UK account is now a priority on the roadmap, which is great news as a UK expat in the US. What’s the ETA on this? My current bank app over here SUCKS and I really miss the Monzo experience! :raised_hands:

For anyone wondering this is the roadmap card Monzo USA public roadmap

No SSN requirement would be major

You’re assuming it’ll work both ways!

I very much doubt it will given the U.K. team’s current track record with implementing things on their roadmap for us too.

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Not assuming anything! :slightly_smiling_face:

“Being a Monzo customer in the UK already gives you a head start on opening a US account. It’ll be a breeze – just accept a few things and add any extra bits we need, and voila! US account set up! And the best part? You can keep your UK account and switch between them whenever you like. Neat, huh?”

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I was replying to @andrew_fishy, not you!

Sorry for the confusion.