Should I close my UK account?

I opened a UK Monzo account while I was studying in the UK for two years. I have been back in the US for a year now and don’t really have a need for my UK account. I am wondering if it is worth just closing the UK account to join the US beta? Or since I’m already a Monzo user will I have to wait as it mentions on the Eventbright page for the launch event (see below)?



If you’re a US resident then that’s probably your best bet.

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Though might want to check with Monzo direct that you don’t end up with neither (i.e. a closed UK account still blocks a US account)

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Are you sure that screenshot implies that having a UK account means you aren’t able to get into the US launch at all? I read it as ‘you might have a UK account but you still have to wait for a launch event in the US to get an account there’ :thinking:

The lack of “but come along and have our free beer anyway!” said to me that the invite is only extended to those who are going to open a beta account, but at the very best it is ambiguous

I signed up for the Santa Monica event and there was a question asking if you have a UK account, so who knows. I suppose I will find out at the event :man_shrugging:t2:


Good luck. Hope you get to go along

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