Upgrading to premium

Think of upgrading to premium, just a question…… premium includes travel insurance but it says that it only covers up to 70 year olds, if you are over 70 what happens about the travel insurance???.

You’re not eligible for cover but you can still upgrade and benefit from all the other perks. Subject to those T&Cs too.

Thank you for that, it’s just not worth the £15 per month without the travel insurance, I am with nationwide flexiplus & it still covers one for 75yo but have to pay £65 per year in addition.

No problem :slight_smile: It’s the same for people with certain medical conditions as well to name a few.

Plus/Premium is still relatively new for Monzo so they may expand it out like you mentioned to allow people to pay more to cover certain circumstances. Hopefully they add it to their list for future consideration :crossed_fingers:

I really hope they add a way to purchase extra cover for asthma.
@BestwoodRoadie who are the underwriter insurer with nationwide?

The underwriter for nationwide are I believe UK Insurance ltd

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