Monzo Premium - what happens next

I love my Premium account, but I hit 70 in early November. and will no longer be eligible

What happens? Will Monzo contact me or do I have to be proactive and ask them?

Thanks in advance

I think it’s just for the Health Insurance they don’t cover people over 70, you should be able to keep using the rest of the account

Unfortunately it seems quite common for travel insurance associated with packaged bank accounts to stop cover around the age of 70. However some banks do seem to provide an option of paying a surcharge to continue using it beyond 70: Best packaged bank accounts - Which?

Hope so!

I’m not abandoning Monzo over this.Too invested, with Flex, overdraft, car loan, savings.

Alternative health insurance is available.

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You don’t need Premium for any of that though. Without the travel insurance do you see enough value in Premium to justify the £15/month cost? If it were me I’d probably downgrade to Free or Plus.


Possibly, possibly not. I’d miss the real time Google spreadsheet and I like my white metal card. But without the phone and travel insurance it’s not so attractive.

I don’t think you lose phone insurance when you reach 70, although might be worth checking the terms. If you do, that would strike me as weird. I would have thought those over 70 would be less likely to lose/damage a phone than younger people.

Increase in probability of being stolen though, by workplace knowledge.

Wonder if the account is actually just downgraded at 70, as you fall outside eligibility. This may mean the card remains active until expiry, but they’d need to check with monzo.

Well, the account is still running and they’re still charging me £15 monthly. Not heard anything from them. But I notice that I’ve not had any interest in the past few months, so it seems to be a bit of a Schrodinger’s Premium account.

I shall enquire In App.


Given the travel insurance is no longer valid (i guess?) due to your age, is it worth keeping Premium over dropping down to Plus?

Hasn’t the interest changed to be an uplift on the savings account rather than a general % across the current accounts and pots? That’s why you might not be seeing any.

Otherwise I don’t see why Premium wouldn’t continue as normal. You aren’t eligible for one component of it but that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose to continue with the other parts of the offer.

That said I’d expect the bank to reach out to check if the package is still right for you.

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