Travel Insurance - existing medical conditions

I have a family holiday coming up, and needed Travel Insurance.
Also, my mobile phone insurance is soon due for renewal. So I was seriously considering upgrading to Monzo Premium to take advantage of those perks.

However, at the last minute I checked if the Monzo travel insurance includes cover for existing medical conditions - and sadly it doesn’t.

If it were included, I would have upgraded, no question.

So, maybe this is something Monzo can consider, to steal a march on it’s competitors. I will check again, maybe next year?

I don’t think any of them do, do they? Which is I guess sort of the point, but probably unrealistic.

Nationwide will cover existing conditions for an additional fee (they waived this for me a few years ago).


I would imagine it can get quite expensive and if they were offering it to everyone, it would get even more expensive.

You’re probably better off going to a specialist as and when you need it.

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Many travel insurance policies cover certain existing medical conditions.

From memory, the policies offered by HSBC and Lloyds include quite a few existing medical conditions they will cover free of charge in their T&C.

Other existing conditions may be covered subject to an additional fee.

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Barclays travel insurance covers it for the included price (£12.5 p/m includes breakdown cover) IF your condition falls on a list of qualifying conditions. If you have one it prompts you to call and they discuss it with you, all being well they give you a special code which lets you complete the flow to buy your insurance (renews monthly until cancelled- min terms apply, DYOR!). You can also get it with airport lounge passes and a concierge service for £18 p/m

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Lloyds definitely does with its packages bank account unless anything’s changed

For Lloyds:

HSBC also have what they call “an accepted conditions list”

I haven’t looked at the Monzo policy but they seem to be the exception in that they cover no existing medical conditions - which would make their cover useless for many.

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Ah yes, I deleted my post as it was on this basis inaccurate. I did look at the IPID and mis-read the line around pre-existing conditions.

I think this is why I didn’t actually bother with Monzo premium in the end. Lower quality travel insurance and only covering the policy holders phone.

I actually have HSBC and am going abroad soon, so I’m going to better familiarise myself with their insurance.

I have just cancelled Monzo premium for the same reason, now have a minor illness and won’t be covered if something happens related to illness on holidays. I’m a bit disappointed as I like Monzo premium for phone insurance and metal card also, but I understand insurance cost would rise if existing medical conditions were included, so I’m happy to move on get another travel insurance policy and stick with Monzo plus.