Upgrading to Premium, instant access to extra benefits

Currently on Plus and want to take advantage of airport lounge access by upgrading to Premium.

Wondering if by upgrading I’ll get instant access to Premium extras as I fly out from Birmingham in 3 days time.

Yes - ish.

You might not get the card in time to show at the door (for discounted access).

Insurance etc will be fine

You still pay £20 per person to access though, so it may be better value to just pay full price for the pass if that’s all you’re wanting?

I always thought this was quite a poor benefit compared to some of the other providers like American Express.

AMEX Gold for example is free in year one, then £160 from year two onwards. Plus you get four free lounge passes.

Monzo Premium on the other hand is £180 per year and you have to pay £20 a pop. Granted there are other benefits too.

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That may be tight. The first time I’ve used a new Premium card for Lounge access, I’ve had to present the physical card at the Lounge check-in. Subsequent visits have been made using the LoungeKey account QR code.

Don’t forget to download the LoungeKey app, create an account and enter your new Premium card details into it once you have them.

One trip-up I experienced was when I changed cards. Couldn’t update the card in the LoungKey app for love nor money. It turns out you can’t, you simply create another LoungeKey account for each new card! Weird…

You don’t need to use the metal card to get discounted lounge access - your existing card will be recognised when paying as long as you tell them it’s via loungekey.

I cancelled Premium a while ago, then upgraded again and didn’t take the metal card so only have neon yellow. I’ve never had a problem using that in a lounge.

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Just pay for the lounge (usually in advance, on the airport website for the best price) - don’t upgrade to premium just for that. Non-airline longes are generally not great, but can be a nice treat as a one-off