Reply and add comments to payment private messages

(Steven ) #1

Be able to reply/add a comment/emoji to the private messages that are sent when paying a contact. My mum sends money in app and leaves a note ie. ‘Thanks for the groceries’. Would be great to be able to send a little thumbs up, or just a simple message back.

(Thomas Horne) #2

I’d simply love to be able to add notes to transactions from I’ve had times where a friend hasn’t left a note and it’d help to remind me what the payment was for.


I would assume for Monzo to Monzo payments it may be implementable but between other banks the industry specifications do not include emojis or certain punctuation or accented characters

(Naji Esiri) #4

This would be really helpful, even if restricted to plain text characters when sending to bank accounts other than Monzo.

This has happened to me a few times and notes would definitely help me organise incoming transfers better. It supports the bigger aim of providing a comprehensive at-a-glance overview of your finances in the app too.

(Zander) #5

Payment reactions are something we have on our radar :slight_smile:

Say thank you when you receive a payment transfer from other Monzo users
(Dan Morrissey) #6

Yeah, I really like this idea. Even if it’s just a simple acknowledgement button like a FB “Like” that pings the other person.