Unsplash Integration for Pots

(Tom Almond) #1

I’m currently using a beautiful countdown app called Days from the App Store which has a simple integration with Unsplash stock photo website which makes it so easy to make gorgeous countdown cards

I was wondering if this is something that Monzo would be able to bring to the app?

I dislike the lack of context that most pot covers provide, but understand the constraints of them allowing everyone to upload their own covers.


I both really want to know and never want to know what Fast Love is.

:fast_forward: :heart:

(Tom Almond) #3

Haha! Don’t u judge me

image https://resources-cdn.atgtickets.com/static/36302_full.jpg


This could make it a lot easier…

(Simon B) #5

The greatest George Michael song of all time. Particularly the utterly genius extended version with added talkbox and a re-sung version of Wham’s “I’m Your Man” in the breakdown.