Unofficial open office pre-meet tonight?


I’m heading to the Open office this evening… I finish work at 1600 so will probably have an hour to kill.

Are there any decent eateries/coffee shops around Monzo Towers?

Anyone wanna join for a premeet? Is there an approved secret handshake? If any staff wanna join I’ll buy coffees with the my Monzo balance until it gets declined for lack of funds :wink:

(Marta) #3

We sat once in Wenlock Arms (26 Wenlock Rd, London N1 7TA). I can recommend, decent pub, very close from Monzo offices.I only met up with small selection of people, so I’m clueless about any secret handshakes. :smiley: You can always wave your Monzo card around and see who reacts? :smiley:

(Sacha) #4

Talking of tonight’s event, my girlfriend can no longer attend so I have a spare ticket. I don’t think eventbrite allows you to cancel 1 of 2 tickets though so not sure how reallocating would work?

(Naji Esiri) #5

@sacha I wouldn’t worry about the other ticket :slightly_smiling_face:

@Avidfanofstuff The Eagle pub is also a good local discovery! Shoreditch Grind is a long time favourite too :+1:


Thanks. Shoreditch Grind looks good.

(Colin Robinson) #7

Shoreditch Grind looks good - might loiter there for a bit on Thursday prior to the Current Account Rollout Event :coffee:

(Jay Yoms) #8

How do I get myself down to the next Open Day?

(Marta) #9

@JayYoms Follow Monzo on Twitter and watch closely for announcements like this: (it’s old one, no need to get excited :sweat_smile: ). You can then register on Eventbrite aaand that’s it. :smiley: Tickets go fast, but usually Monzo releases them in gradually in batches.

There are also other events, like getting Current Account Preview, if you like the rules and understand what Preview is about, follow instructions in here and fill out the form:

(Jay Yoms) #10

Ha ha, gotta be quick!

Thanks I’ll be sure to look out for it

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