'Unlocking' features

(Tristan Thomas) #1

Hey all :wave:,

I’m writing copy at the moment for some new feed items where we can tell new users about Mondo features they haven’t used, eg. search, receipt scanning etc. and would love to get thoughts on a few questions:

  1. How do you feel about ‘unlocking’ features within your (Mondo) bank account? Some of you may have had some in the past.
  2. If you are getting features enabled after a certain period of time/certain actions, how should we describe that to you? Is it unlocking/enabling/something else?
  3. Other more general thoughts about this?

Thanks! Have a great evening

(James Billingham) #2

I don’t personally like it being referred to as “unlocking”, but I do appreciate and think it’s a good idea to draw attention to features which have become useful because a certain amount of data now exists.

(Colin Robinson) #3
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  2. :unlock:

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(A/S/L?) #4

I’m brain dumping here, how about achieving or levelled up, I like a sense of achievement! :yum:

(Ross) #5

I’m with you on that, ‘unlocking’ might cause us to make more transactions just for the sake of unlocking a feature

(Andrew Ross) #6

Unlocking also feels like something I might have to pay for. Levelling up seems good but could be annoying for someone that needs the features straight off.

Guess it depends on what those features are.


Personally I find the unlocking of features after time or number of transactions to be childish. I don’t need to gameify my bank account.

(Herp Derp) #8

I don’t think it would benefit myself personally to ‘unlock’ any features as it were, as much as i did like Foursquare back in the day I think those days may have passed…

I would actually like to see how many reports/corrections I’ve submitted as it kind of makes me think I am the first Mondonaut to hit that store and then maybe after that how many of us actually go there before/after me (that branch)?

(Tristan Thomas) #9

Yeah, for sure. How should we explain when new features become available because you’ve used your card enough – eg. a balance graph is no use until you’ve had at least a couple of transactions spread over a few days? :slight_smile:

(George) #10

This is something I’ve been curious about. It would be cool to know if I was the first Mondonaut to visit the store! Or how many others have been before…

(Jack Worton) #11

I don’t really know how I feel about this. It’s an interesting idea. It’d be exciting to make a transaction and then be told I’ve unlocked something new. That’d be cool. But what if I need the feature but I’ve not unlocked it yet? I’m on the fence with that one. It’s cool, but could have its problems.

Something I’d be more interested in (and would make banking a little more fun) would be something like achievements. Like a couple have said above me, being the first Mondonaut to spend at a certain store and being told of that would be cool. A dedicated page on the app showing what achievements you’ve unlocked, and what ones you haven’t.

Examples could include;
Top up amounts (achievements for reaching £500 topped up, £1000 etc, over the lifetime of your account not just one top up)

Achievements for spending overseas (unlocking achievements for making a purchase in USA, Spain, France etc)

Just an idea. :slight_smile:


I see no problem with unlocking features. It helps with learning new features if they’re introduced over time. So far I’ve think you’ve gotten the balance correct. There’s no point having the pulse or search until you’ve got some data to use it with. It makes perfect sense to introduce those features the way you currently do.

I can understand how people feel uncomfortable with calling it unlocking though. Enabling is a good alternative but I don’t think it’s that different in usage.

As long as you carry on with your current approach and only keep features locked until the point they’re useful then I can’t see an issue.

(Saveen) #13

Hey @tristan,

Just to clarify, by ‘unlocking’ did you mean a feature that is already there but has just been discovered/used for the first time? I received feed items for ‘Search’ and ‘Pulse’ some time ago.

Or also new features that are added but which have not yet been used? (Like a prompt)

Also, are these ever for certain users only ie. privileges?

(Tristan Thomas) #14

Hey @saveen,

Probably a combo – features that aren’t useful if you don’t have enough transactions for example, that we can then enable and tell you about. Some, like search, will probably always be there but once it’s useful, we might tell you about it. Does that make sense?

(Saveen) #15

Yeh, I see no problem describing the first scenario as ‘unlocking’. It generates a positive emotion which is good.

But if the feature was already there all along, I don’t think unlocking is the right term. More like ‘discovered’ which also feels positive.


I think unlocking is a really stupid way to go about it. I make a first impression based on what I see. And if I don’t see enough then I’m not buying. Comprende?

How about just putting a button for walkthrough / features which we can click to get an explanation on what’s what. And if we don’t have enough information for it to be useful. I don’t really care. Put it there, let me know that it’s there even if it’s blank, then put a notification saying what data requirements are needed.

One example was the daily use line graph. It came after I did about 6-7 transactions over a course of a few weeks? I really don’t need to wait that long for that. I have excel charts with less data points than that. In short it makes me feel like you think I’m an idiot.

(Wfarhys) #17

‘Welcome to’ rather than ‘unlocking’

(Kris Nocker) #18

Have to agree with DaveTMG and others here, unlocking (whatever it is called) is like setting up a game with your bank account - terribly irresponsible. It’s one thing to access new data based on (for example) the number of transactions you’ve had (data, patterns etc) but to open a new feature by using your card in a different city/country/place doesn’t seem like something responsible with money.

I’d think of this in the same light as credit cards that make a donation every time you spend, it might make you feel slightly less bad about spending but you’re still spending to get that ‘new level’.

There is already a certain level of unlocking after a few weeks (when you get the spending graph) but I wouldn’t want to be trying to unlock a feature that I knew you could provide me with - that would just make me annoyed in the first place. On the flip side, if I have to ‘unlock’ it with you, what happens is Atom or Starling offer this already unlocked… new customers might be wooed by them… just a thought


Replying to up vote topic


With all due respect, Mondo should represent an easier, simpler way to do banking. To me that does not go hand-in-hand with obfuscating your ability to analyse your spending. I can understand wanting to get enough data points to generate a useful graph before “unlocking” it for users, but gamifying my bank experience feels a tad unprofessional to me and might encourage irresponsible behavior as others have mentioned. I would prefer it if you clearly explained the feature list somewhere in the app, and made it clear which ones I currently have access to, and why I don’t have access to the others yet (eg: “Please wait while we gather enough data points to generate your balance graph”).