Missed a 'new feature unlocked'

(Alex) #1

So…I got a notification saying that I’d unlocked a new feature today (only been using since Tuesday), but I clicked on my most recent payment notification and so when I went into the app it didn’t tell me what the feature was and I am clueless…

I’ve only unlocked pulse so far, so assuming they’re all unlocked in the same order, can anyone tell me what I just unlocked?

Thanks guys.

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #2

The next one is the search function. Should be in the top right of your transactions listing under the current balance/spent today.

(Alex) #3

Ah thanks! Couldn’t remember if that had been there before or not :persevere:

(John Mapley) #4

I’m pretty sure I always had access to search, so I was a little surprised when I suddenly “unlocked” it. Did I dream it?