Unable to topup


Is this a common issue? I have successfully topped up using a TSB card before but now each time I try I get the response “topup failed because the card was declined”

I have updated to the latest version of the app and the clicksafe TSB screen exits correctly but the problem still persists.

Card is pretty useless at the moment…

(Naji Esiri) #2

It is when topping up with new cards! Are you using the same TSB card to top up as you have previously? If not I would advise contacting them directly as there’s a possibility the top up may still have been automatically blocked.


Yes, same card as before. Worked before, doesn’t work now

(Michael) #4

I had this with Nationwide, I called then and they sorted it out whilst I was in the phone.
Never had a problem since

(Patricia Gudino) #5

The top up is not available in my card. Is my first topup. Please unblocked it. I’m abroad and I need to use my card.

(Naji Esiri) #6

Hey Patricia,

Sorry to hear this, the fastest way to get this sorted would be to call the bank whose card you are trying to use to top up, it is very likely they have blocked your first top up for security reasons. They should be able to rectify this fairly quickly!

That’s a bit strange @spectron even if you’ve used the card before there’s still a possibility your issuing bank could have blocked the top up, so I would advise to contact them. I will also DM you for a couple of details so we can look into this our end.

(Nick) #7

I did a top-up before 0830 this morning (via bank transfer) - not yet appeared on my Monzo card. Sent a message to customer support (in-app) 43 minutes ago (still flagged as not seen) whereas the typical reply time is stated as under 30m.

Any problems?