Unable to re order pots on new layout

Issue: you can’t re order pots on the new Home Screen. They simply stick back to where Monzo decided they should go.
Details to reproduce: sort ports or edit layout > drag and drop to your preference > pot goes back to where it last was.
OS: 17.0 public beta 4
Device: iPhone 14 Pro Max
**App Version:**


Just tested. iOS 17 latest beta. iPhone 14 Pro.

Works fine here

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Not iOS beta but same phone/Monzo version and working fine here.

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Will try a reinstall then as this issue been present since Labs testing for me :upside_down_face:

Nope. Hasn’t worked. Just reverts back :frowning:

They’re also in different orders on the carousel to the list or image view too so presume this is why they’re in limbo.

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The spotlight drag and drop is also bugged in the same way too.

Come on Monzo.

I’ve none of these issues unfortunately. Seems to be an issue on your device.

(Not checked carousel, but I don’t use it & don’t expect it to respect the pot ordering at all)

Did you restart phone after uninstalling?

Just to double check, are you moving them around and hitting ’ Done’ in the top right, backing it of the screen and nothing has changed? Or are they not moving at all in the edit screen?

I ask this as somebody that keeps forgetting to hit ‘Done’ and just backing out of the screen expecting it to have saved automatically :neutral_face:


I can’t even get them to stay after dragging so they just revert back bugged on every drag and drop menu within the app. Tried rebooting and reinstalling etc and this has been an issue for me before the iOS 17 beta too so I doubt it has anything to do with that either.

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It’s Sunday.

They will probs see this tomorrow and resolve it later down the line.

It’s not life or death, chill.

Not denying that :slightly_smiling_face:

Just trying to provide info to get it fixed in a later update is all.

Have a nice day

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Happy to report yesterdays update has fixed this at last :smiley:

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