Unable to load widget

Since getting an iPhone 8, the widget does not work. I’ve tried reinstalling the app but the widget still says “Unable to Load”, does anyone have another suggestion.

Hello @keithcresswell, Have you tried removing the widget and adding it back again? Also, you need to allow permissions to read data from :mondo: App during the setup.
And please make sure you’re using latest version of iOS 11. Also on :apple: Community Support pages and the fix was - sign out of iCloud Account, Re-install the app, remove/add widget again. See if any of this works for you :blush:
:monzo: Support normally advise to reinstall the app and/or reset session (Settings->Monzo->Reset Session) to give a nice refresh!

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I tried everything you suggested. I also tried it on my iphone 6S and it worked there. But it just wont work on my iphone 8. The widget just says “unable to load”.

Hello! I get this issue too but on a iPhone 6S, tried re-instaling and clearing the session.

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