Unable to dismiss notification dot / contacts access?

(Android) My app icon has a permanent notification dot which I can’t get rid of. I’ve been through the app and can’t see anything which might be causing this, other than the fact that I haven’t enabled access to contacts.

Is there any way to change the notifications so don’t have the permanent dot?

There’s no dot on the bottom tab bar? Sometimes get that if there’s a chat I have to rate

No. No obvious action required in app at all (other than the red exclamation mark in the contacts bit)

Uninstall/reinstall should fix it.

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Ok, so it did fix it, and now the dot of doom is back. Is there any other way to stop this happening other than constantly reinstalling the app?

As a work around I think you can disable the dot all together in the android settings.
For me its under settings then apps, monzo then allow notification dot.

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I knew there must be a setting like that somewhere - I didn’t realise it could be enabled / disabled for individual apps.

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The dot at the moment is caused by the referral marketing thing. I’ve got it too despite contacts being allowed.

I just had a case of the non-disappearing notification dot. It was prompted by an active card check on a joint account, invoked by my partner. I cleared it from my feed, but the dot on the monzo icon refused to move. knowing I wouldn’t be able to sleep with it there (!), I set about trying to resolve it. turns out switching phone off & on does the job. I guess its a bug… or are we blaming android? I dont want to switch notifications off.


I think it was me being stoopid - I had do not disturb on. doh!