Cancellation of a Tui Holiday

So, we have a holiday booked for 12/07, my son has a condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which he is taking Steroids for (Immunosuppressive Therapy), he has been shielding since lockdown and we are also in Scotland and the Scottish Government has stated that shielding is to continue until at least 31st July.

I have contacted Tui asking to cancel and for a full refund based on the SG advice, they have asked me to get in contact with the holiday insurance company to see if they would cover the cancellation fees, which I think this should be covered by Tui themselves as it is the government request, and currently we aren’t “allowed” to leave Scotland :joy:, they have also removed the special assistance from the entire booking.

Due to the way the booking was originally handled when got in contact about special assistance I want to cancel the holiday rather than change the date.

Tui has asked that if the cancellation fees are not covered, then they need this in writing along with medical documentation, if the SG had not extended the shielding we would probs be going if the Forign office opens up air travel.

Airlines are also supposed to be limiting passengers and we have been giving no information in relation to what is happening as the All inclusive resort.

To cancel via the insurance it would cost £400 in excess also

What you guys think?

If TUI are still providing what you paid for, the flights are still going ahead, the hotel is open, they are under no obligation to refund you.


That’s the problem, I can not say what they are or are not providing, currently the flight is going ahead but no idea if they are reducing passengers which apparently Airlines should be doing, so due to the disability they should cancel it if reducing passengers.

It’s also a SG government request, like I said we would be going if FO say ok and no shielding :wink:

They won’t need to actively reduce because their booking levels will be so low, it will happen organically.

I think you’ll have to utilise your holiday insurance.

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@Juggy69 have you checked your going to where Tui say they are going to travel to post 10th July?

The key here is not Scottish health policy I’m afraid it is FCO policy on overseas travel.

It will be a travel insurance claim if you are not travelling and FCO say there are no restrictions.

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Standard email from Tui lunch time today :wink:

I hope this finds you and those you care about safe and well.
I recently updated you on our new TUI Holiday Promise and what we’re doing to ensure your future TUI holidays will be safe and enjoyable. Today, I’m pleased to share more details about the travel plans we’ve been making for this summer.
As soon as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice changes from all but essential overseas travel, we’ll be ready to re-start some flights to a selection of our great European destinations in Greece, the Balearics and the Canaries.
We’ll be keeping our holiday promise to you and will only take you away if we’re sure you’ll have a brilliant TUI experience. For now, that means if the government advice changes we’ll be travelling to a small number of resorts between 11th July and 31st July, and we’re planning to add many more flights and destinations across August and September.

And now UK government stating shielding now I place till at least 01/08 :wink:

Is there something in your eye?


Tui have just contacted me to advise holiday cancelled full refund on route in 10 working days.

Never going anywhere near Tui again either :joy:

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They’ve emailed me today to advise that my holiday in Tenerife next month has been cancelled.

Now my turn for that merry dance.

They gave me 3 options

Change date etc by 9th July up to £500 Incentive
Changs date after the above date £100 incentive
Cancel and full refund :wink:

Same 3 for me.

I’ll be going for refund.

Did they ring you for your option or you them?

I booked in store so can’t Manage Booking online.

Called me up gave options but booked everything online

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